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Ulubulu Innovative Baby Products Review and Giveaway!

Learn to Play Piano with “Little Piano Book”

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Swim Safely in 2013

Swim Safely: Protect Your Child From Drowning or Accidental Injury

Check It Once, Check It Twice: Grammarly Instant Grammar Checker


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  1. Angela Margiotta

    Hello I took your advice and bought the book you suggested, “Look , Look Look” can you please tell me when you read this book to your kids their reactions and the tone you used and how did you children learn from this book??? Please let me know everything you can about this book…Thanks so much!!!!

    • Libby Sawyer

      We read the book all the time since it is one of his favorites! I exaggerate every word. For example, when I read “Look” I say it like I’m really getting my son to look at something awesome. Announciate every sound, like this: Loook! Haands Reeeach. We also included some fun extras like reaching for the book and putting our hands over the hand image, pretending the book is a steering wheel and saying “vrooom” on the car page, and making “bloop bloop” bubble sounds for the fish. The more you add to it, the more excited the baby will be.

  2. Angela

    HI I’m trying to buy a book for a friend who has a 4month old baby boy and needs a book that is age appropriate. Can you recommend a book that both the mother and child can benefit from.. She need some education on how to treat her son who has bronchotitis.
    Please advise me on a good book to tackle both issues.

  3. passporttobliss

    Hi Libby! Guess what? I had to choose another winner for my “Aloha Mystery Giveaway” contest…and YOU are the winner! Congrats! Please email me your mailing address & prize you have chosen, & I will get that too you asap! Congrats again! 🙂


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