About My Blog


My name is Jeanine.  I previously wrote this blog under the pseudonym Libby Sawyer (the names of my eldest two cats).  

About This Blog

I started this blog as a way to vent about my frustrations and share some advice.  Since then, it has evolved from solely a “mommy blog” to an all encompassing homemaker/crafting/venting blog.  I use this as a place to chronicle my day-to-day life, share projects I’ve been working on, and advertise my Etsy shop.

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About Me

In 2012, I became a first time mommy to a beautiful, observant, and rambunctious little boy.

I live in a little white house with my husband, our son, and our three adorable and crazy cats.  I am just as obsessed about my kitties as I am about my son!  They are, after all, my children.  They just so happen to have tails.

Pip and Libby. They actually hate each other.

My middle child, Sawyer, likes posing for pictures.

My husband and I met at college in 2007.  We have been together ever since and even graduated together!   That will be a great story to tell our son some day.

  1. Dean B

    Hi Libby (though I’m aware that’s not your real name =) …. Thanks for dropping by and following Little Steps. I’m not much of a cat person, I really prefer dogs. But my two year old has a cat and she loves her! So you could say because of my little one, I’m beginning to sort of … err… liker her =) All the best, Dean.

    • Libby Sawyer

      Thanks for dropping by as well. I never used to be a cat person either. When I was younger I swore I’d never get a cat because my sister had this evil cat. I’m pretty sure her cat was Satan incarnate. It was that evil. It’s still alive. EVen though it has absolutely nothing left to it but skin and bones. Once again, evil. I had a dog. She was awesome.

      But then I found a little kitten, one very cold night, and saved her from being eaten by a fox. That kitten was Libby. Then I saved Sawyer, a kitten who was living in a storm drain with his siblings. He was the only one I could catch. When I went back the next week to get the other kittens, they were all gone. Next came Pip. My cousin’s girlfriend’s mother has a cat that keeps getting pregnant and she was going to dump the kittens (before 8 weeks old) on the side of the road. So, I snatched the remaining kittens up. Got one a home with people who know a lot about cats. Kept the other.

      So, I suppose I became a cat person by circumstance. lol


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