Welcome 2016 Changes to the Blog!

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2016 Welcome

Happy new year! 2016 will bring some exciting changes to thelittledabbler. This blog will undergo a complete content change. While I will continue to post about parenting and children, I’m going to add a new element in the form of child-friendly entertainment.

If you are a parent of young children who watch YouTube videos, you may have seen Ryan ToysReview and TheEngineeringFamily. These YouTube channels featured two children who open surprise eggs, go on fun adventure, and make-believe. My son (also named Ryan), has become slightly addicted to these two channels. In the spirit of fun, we’re going to start our own series called “Present in the Mail”. Each video will featured Ryan opening packages that “came in the mail” and the fun that ensues!

We hope you’ll join up for this exciting new year!

Best wishes to you and yours!