New Years Resolutions

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Welcome 2015

It’s almost New Years!  I couldn’t be any more excited to leave this past year behind and enter into the new.  There were many high points — my business taking off and buying a new house — but there were so many low points that I’d rather leave 2014 behind.

Before we can usher in 2015, it’s traditional to decide on a New Year’s Resolution.  While talking with my friend, The Wise Wife, about keeping my resolution for the first time in 2014, I decided to create a list of doable resolutions and share my tips for those who have never kept a resolution.

ADD to Your Life

The first tip in keeping a resolution is to make it something that adds to your life rather than takes away.  For example, instead of making a resolution to lose weight, make a resolution to add one fresh vegetable or fruit serving to your diet each day.  This way, you won’t feel as though you are depriving yourself and are more likely to stick with the plan.

Don’t Focus On The Bad

By the same token, if you are going to keep a resolution, you need to focus on your good qualities instead of the bad.  If you make a resolution to lose weight, you are focusing on the bad (the weight).  Consider your good qualities or skills and find ways to accentuate them.  Are you an excellent cook?  Challenge your culinary skills by incorporating a vegan or vegetarian meal into your diet once a week. Are you good at working with a team?  Consider volunteering at a food bank or animal shelter twice a month.

Set Realistic Standards

You are NOT going to start jogging after dinner every night.  You are NOT going to deep clean one room a week.  You also are NOT going to rid yourself of all your skinny clothes because you will inevitably burn out, postpone, or find those 10 shirts you just can’t bear to part with.  Pick your resolution and then set realistic time frames, quantities and standards.


Easy Resolution Cheat Sheet


 Still not sure of a resolution?  Here are some DOABLE resolutions.

1.) Volunteer at __________ once a month.

2.) Add family time to your week by eating dinner at the table (NO phones or television) on weeknights.

3.) Add jogging after work for 30 minutes one day a week.

4.) Add organization to your life by buying organizers, then declutter and purge one room once a month.

5.) Add a sense of involvement and fulfillment to your life by donating to your choice charity for every holiday (including Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.)


The Resolution I Kept


My resolution for 2014 was every time I am asked by an individual, organization, family, or friend to donate to a cause (so long as I don’t have a moral objection to the cause) I will secretly donate.  It was difficult keeping the resolution, especially when we hit financial straights, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it (or keep in secret) without the good fortune of my Etsy shop taking off this year.