Love With Food September 2014 Box Review

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Last year, I received and reviewed the August and October 2013 Love With Food boxes.  I was underwhelmed with them and canceled my subscription.  Out of the blue, I received an e-mail from Love With Food offering me a free box.  I guess they are trying to win customers back? Anyway, it worked because who’s going to pass up free snacks?

So, here is my non-sponsored and honest review of their September 2014 box.


First Look

The first look was actually very promising.  The box was quite heavy and packed as tight as could be.  I knew from the title of this month’s box, “Spice Up Your Life,” that this box would featured spicy items.  As soon as I opened it, the aroma of all the spice rose up and filled my nose with a wonderful, delightful scent.  I was excited to get eating!


Simply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips by Way Better Snacks

Maruso Ghost Soy Sauce by Maruso

These chips were simply amazing. I’m not a fan of salsa or hot things, but these came in just under the spicy radar enough that I gobbled them up without much heat damage to my mouth.  My husband and I want more, but they are quite $$$ pricey at more that $20 for an average sized bag of chips.

I didn’t try the soy sauce because I hate soy sauce.  My husband ate it with some sweet potato tater tots and reports that it is “very good,” “not your average soy sauce,” and is really hot.


Lemon Rosemary Seasoning by Fogg City Spice Co.

Green Superfood by Amazing Grass

We used the spice on a chicken/potato/broccoli dish we found on Pinterest.  Basically, you put some chicken breasts in a glass cake baking dish with some chopped up potatoes, a bunch of frozen broccoli.  Melt a half stick of butter over it, add some spice (usually Montreal Chicken), and cook for 80 minutes at 400 degrees.  This spice was just, okay.  It actually made me a little sick the first time I tried it despite house delicious it smells.

I really wish I would have taken a picture of the Amazing Grass drink mix.  Let me describe how it looked. Warning, put down whatever food you are eating and swallow, because you won’t want anything after this.  Imagine you fed a baby green beans for a week straight, but the baby didn’t poo in that entire time.  At the end of the week, the baby gets diarrhea and it spurts and foams out in a liquid mess with glumps of green goo.  According to my husband, who was the only person brave enough to try it, it tasted just about like that as well.


Hemp Rules Roasted Hempseeds by Ziggy Marley Organics

Rich Chocolate Cookie Thins by Mandy’s

These hempseeds weren’t bad, but the certainly were odd.  They reminded me of eating the partially popped kernels of popcorn, but without the buttery flavor.  They were small little seeds that were super crunchy.  My husband finished them and wasn’t thrilled either.

The cookies, though, were super good!  We had tried chocolate cookie thins in the past from other companies, but those were downright awful, like eating only the black part of an Oreo.  These were surprisingly sweet (there’s glazed sugar on top) and tasty.  I would definitely eat more of these if I had some!


Churro Kettle Corn by Love With Food

It appears Love With Food is trying out a new thing by including products created by them.  If this is their first try at it, they succeeded.  This cinnamon sugar popcorn smelled and tasted soooo good.  I couldn’t wait for my husband to come home from work (I usually wait so he can see everything, too) before jumping in.


5 Spice Dark Chocolate Caramels by Shotwell Candy Co.

We end now with the coupons, pamphlets, and business cards that were in the box and the most disgusting thing I’ve tasted in a long time.  Sorry, Shotwell Candy Co., but these brown wax paper wrapped caramels were so gross, I spit it out and ran to the sink to rinse my mouth.  I’ve never had such a strong reaction to a taste since I was a teenager.  Let me list the ingredients and you’ll see just why these were awful:

Ingredients: pure cane sugar, cream, light corn syrup, butter, dark chocolate, vanilla extract, almond extract, salt, five-spice powder (cinnamon, star anise, anise seed, ginger, clove)

Mind you, these were chocolate caramels with almond extract and a 5-blend of spices.  If you are adventurous, try them, but I highly recommend against it.


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