Mommy Confession #2: Never Turn Your Back

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My confession is that I am not a helicopter parent.  I allow my son to choose his activities.  Our first floor consists of only TWO rooms, the living room and an eat-in kitchen.  Yes, it’s super small!  With the safety precautions we have in place –outlet covers, stove handle covers, safety locks, baby gates, etc.– I like to give him free reign.  The biggest danger with this model of parenting is the messes that can happen, in a very short period of time.

My son was in the kitchen for less than a minute, but he managed to get hold of the salt shaker and coat the entire kitchen floor in a layer of salt.

He then lay down and took a nap.

The good thing about this is yesterday, my cats knocked EVERYTHING off the kitchen counter while chasing each other yesterday.  The collateral damage included a pitcher and a glass of sweet tea, making the floor a sticky mess and me panicky about the prospect of ants marching one-by-one to the feast of all time.  Hopefully, the salt will keep the ants from finding any sugary bits I missed.