Baby Milestones Aren’t Supposed to Be Food for Your Negative Commentary

by , under Child Development, Daily Musings, Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Everyone always said to WATCH OUT when my son started walking (as if it were a bad thing). I can honestly say I am SO glad he can walk and is independent. Now I hear the same thing when I say I can’t wait for him to talk. Talking isn’t a bad thing. I CAN’T WAIT for him to be able to tell me precisely what he needs. Sure, we can communicate with him through gestures and various grunts and and glurbbles, but nothing can beat actual formed words. How can I not be excited to have conversations with my child, to ask how his day was, to hear from him about his favorite things, and to hear him say “I love you”? Why does every milestone have to be made out to be such a bad thing?