Be Careful Who You Hire to Watch Your Kids

by , under Safety

**WARNING: explicit language in the images.**

I’m pretty sure most of my readers know to do a full search on any person they hire to work around or watch their children, but it seems the people posting job-wanted ads haven’t got the memo that their Facebook profile is just a click away.

Case and point, I saw this ad on a local Facebook flea market page:

I thought to myself, “I could really use some help around the house, especially cleaning out the basement, getting the yard ready this spring, and scrubbing my car inside and out.  Not to mention, if I had someone to watch my son while I clean the house, that would be awesome!”

So, to her PUBLIC Facebook profile I went.  Let me just put this out there; if the person’s Facebook profile is set to public, it doesn’t matter what you find there.  Just DON’T hire that person.  They clearly are showing a lack in judgment when it comes to safety and are the kind of person who lets it all hang out–not what you want around your child.  Anyway, this is what I found as her two most recent posts:

She then went on to explain how just yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, she and her boyfriend broke up because he found out she talks with her ex-boyfriend.   Needless to say, I and no other reasonable person will hire this girl.

If you are looking to hire someone to watch your child or help out around the house, do a thorough background check.  Start with Facebook.  You can easily eliminate 95% of unwantables by doing this quick search.  Then try Google.  If everything seems clean online, ask for references and ACTUALLY CALL THOSE REFERENCES.  Finally, if you have a little extra money and the know-how, run a criminal check or ask if this person has these documents (people who have worked with children or have gone for a teaching certification WILL have these or something similar):

  • Criminal Record Check
  • Child Abuse Record Clearance
  • FBI Background Check
  • any CPR or first aid certifications
  • any teaching certifications

Remember that you aren’t overreacting.  This is YOUR child and you are the child’s guidance and protection.  You can never be too careful.