Leave It In the Cart: Online Shopping Tip

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Shopping Cart

Have you ever put something in an online shopping cart only to decide after shipping and taxes were included that you didn’t want it after all, especially for that price.  Here’s a brilliant tip: leave it in the cart.  Lately, I’ve been adding things to my cart on several store’s online shops, but I haven’t followed through with the transaction.  All of a sudden, I’m getting e-mails saying things like, “You left something in your cart.  Here’s a coupon to sweeten the deal.”  So far, I have gotten this from Toys R Us, Target, and Angie’s List.  I checked online coupon database RetailMeNot for the coupons I was sent and found they were unique.  So, give it a try!  I’m totally going to go add some more things to my carts and see what I get!