What’s Scarier Than Jillian Michaels?

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No Workouts!

I hate to admit that I am the same weight I was at my 6 week postpartum obgyn appointment, and that was 15 months ago.  It’s not to say I don’t consciously make healthy eating decisions and try to workout.  I do.  But despite how much we’ve overhauled our diet from our teenage years, my husband and I often find ourselves in a rut, especially after the holidays.

I usually can bounce back faster than he can.  It’s very hard, especially when he brings home a Coke with my Subway for lunch or insists on eating dessert every night.  I tell him over and over to stop mentioning these things.  If he wants dessert, then just go eat it.  Don’t announce it’s time for dessert and ask if I want any because it’s too much temptation and I always give in.  It’s hard to eat nutritiously when there are constantly snacks in the house (I’m looking at you, husband).

The other problem is working out.  I try to do this during the day while my husband is at work because I feel awkward doing it when he’s home.  I know he’s not doing this, but I always worry about judgement.  But working out during the day doesn’t work either.  For one, my son FREAKS OUT when I lay down.  I have no idea why, but as soon as I lay down to do some crunches or leg lifts he panics and tries to pull my head up (either by grabbing a handful of hair and pulling or putting his hand under my head and lifting).  He’s too young for me to explain it’s okay.  Also, he eventually ends up throwing his entire body on top of whatever body part I’m repetitively lifting and lowering, and I’m totally not strong enough to lift him with just my legs!

My biggest problem with working out is the fear of the soreness and headaches.  I always get a headache when I work out.  It may be because my son will not let me use a neck support or pillow (he pulls those out thinking I’ll stop laying down) and so I’m getting neck strain.  It could be something else, also, but I don’t know what something is.  I don’t want to be incapacitated by my workouts because I need to be ready-at-the-go to take care of my son.  If I’m too sore or have a headache, I can’t be an effective caretaker.  So, I don’t workout nearly as much as I should.  I know I need to just do it.  But I can’t get over those fears.