Anger Issues: and they say the terrible-twos are bad!

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My son is at that stage where every day he amazes me five or more times with all the things he has learned.  The other day, we were reading a sight-word book and I pointed at the picture of the cat, said “Cat”, pointed to one of our three cats, and said “cat”.  When I did this, my son burst out gleefully and started chanting “cat” and started petting and hugging our furry friend.  He knows a lot of words and just figured out how to say “no,” even though it comes out sounding like “nah”.  He loves to read and say the names of the objects in the book.  If he sees a duck in the book, he’ll turn to point to a duck toy in the room and say its name.  It’s amazing to see him recognize objects and be able to say their name.  He even knows many of his body parts, to bring his socks to me when he wants them on, what the word “sing” means, how to open doors, sweep floors with his mini broom, waves goodnight/goodbye, and so many other skills that I couldn’t possibly write them here without boring you.

But he has terrible anger issues!

For example, he HATES when I lay down.  Sometimes, while he’s playing in his room, I’ll grab his Boppy pillow or a stuffed animal and use it as a pillow and lay down on the floor.  This ticks him off so bad that he’ll burst out screaming, pull my head up (either by grabbing a fistful of hair and tugging or putting his hand under my head and lifting it up), and take the makeshift pillow.  He’s particularly protective of a giant penguin stuffed animal that is actually a Valentine’s gift from his dad/my husband from our first Valentine’s Day together.  I’m apparently not allowed to touch it ever again unless I want to hear a banshee scream.

He throws objects, too: cups, books, toys, anything within arms reach.  He recently started doing this at the store where he threw his first ever true fit in public and refused to sit in the shopping cart seat.  He barely missed a display of ceramic ware with his sippy cup.  It was incredibly embarrassing.

He’s also a smacker.  I’ve never smacked him before, especially not on his mouth, but when I tell him no (usually by saying his name in a stern “don’t do that” tone) he’ll smack his mouth repeatedly and say “nah, nah, nah” (how he pronounces no).  He will smack anything–objects, people, pets–that make him angry.

I’m not really asking for advice on this.  I know it’s just a phase and we are handling the discipline aspect just fine.  Just thought I’d vent and share my experience because I know many other mothers out there dealing with the same problem.  Surprisemama is one of them, and it was her post about similar issues that inspired me to write this one. Go check her out! 🙂

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