We’re Getting Married!

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So, I haven’t told anyone except my and my fiancé’s parents and siblings, but we are officially getting married!  It will be on December 28, 2013 which so happens to be our 6th anniversary.  Finally, six years after we first met and started dating, moved in together, collected our three kitties, and had a baby we are getting married.  When I tell my fiancé we didn’t things backwards he always corrects me and says we just did it out-of-order.

What I’ve learned from planning a wedding in less than two months time is that people take WAY TOO LONG to plan their weddings.  We booked an officiant, a wedding venue, reception hall, and photographer in less than a week.  I’m going to get a dress this weekend and mail out the invitations I am hand-making.   We also booked our honeymoon last night.

So, what’s the budget for all of this?  Less than $2,000.  And, yes, we’re under budget (so far)!  Planning a beautiful but cost-effective wedding in less than two months is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE!