The Grinch Who Stole Halloween

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I knew people thought it, but I didn’t think I would hear it.  Last weekend (October 27, 2013), I took my one-year-old to my mother’s house to trick-or-treat.  We only planned to take him to the immediate neighbor’s houses, the people I grew up knowing almost all my life.  While at the next door neighbor’s house, a man standing on the street, with his slicked back black hair, designer shades, and tight designer t-shirt, actually said this to me as we turned to leave:

“I bet he’s not going to eat all that candy.”

Yes, this man had the nerve to say that to me.  At the time, I didn’t have anything witty to say, I simply said that yes he would be eating it all since we purposely chose candy that was soft (like Hershey’s bars and 3 Musketeers).  He just gave me a disbelieving look and we moved on.  Well, I’ll have it be known that my son did eat his candy, even, to my surprise, the hard cookies.

It really upset me.  It was our son’s first trick-or-treat and he had to ruin it for us.  Do we really have to start setting age restrictions on trick-or-treat?  What, do I have to wait until he’s four or five before I’m allowed to take him out without judgement?  I’d really like to find this asshole and ask him how many pieces of his child’s candy he ate.

So, let’s end on a happy note.  My son enjoyed himself.  He LOVED watching all the children walking around in their costumes and petting the dog at the neighbor’s house.  He ate a bunch of candy.  And he got to wear an adorable constructions worker costume!!

My fiancé with our adorable little boy!

** Note About the Kitty** We just bought the kitty before taking this picture.  He refused to let go of it the moment I handed it to him at the store.

  1. Cheri

    I got kids of all ages here. I even made sure I had good options for young toddlers/babies. A was sick, so she didn’t go this year, but I would have taken her. Hopefully, we can go next year. At least she got to enjoy seeing the other kids in their costumes!