First Birthday: The Food Setup

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I always hate when I go to a party and the hosts decide to go against the grain and serve foods that people can be selective about.  Not everyone loves Polish food or your weird subs with olives all over them!  I decided to go with the staples: mild homemade rigatoni, chicken, salad, and fresh bread and butter.

First Birthday: The Food Setup     ||


To go along with the vintage book theme, we made labeled by sticking Scrabble tiles on their holders with Elmer’s glue dots so if someone bumped it they wouldn’t fall off!Scrabble labels    || Use Elmer's glue dots to stick the Scrabble tiles on the ledges so they don't fall off if they are bumped.  Glue dots remove easily!    ||


We ordered the chicken from Chick-Fil-A, and though it was a little pricier than Walmart or KFC, I have to absolutely recommend them!  See the blue platter in the middle of the first photo above?  That’s actually a thick plastic dish that the chicken came on!  I’m totally keeping it for future parties!  Everyone loved the chicken and kept asking where we got it.  Some people even thought it was homemade.  Also, they give you this awesome warmer that you plug in to keep the chicken warm without it getting soggy, even while it’s still in the plastic!

Chick-Fil-A lets you borrow this plug-in warmer when you order for a party!   First Birthday Party Planning from

Pardon the kitties!

To keep cat hair from finding its way on the salad and cupcakes, I bought these mesh food covers from Amazon.

Mesh food covers keep bugs and cat hair off your food!   ||

For four covers and two-day RUSH shipping (I decided to buy them last-minute) it only cost $28 and I got them right on time!  They are a little delicate–they are mesh after all–but totally worth the money.  They are easy to set up and kept the food bug and cat hair free!

Something else I hate at parties is plunging my hand into an icy bucket to retrieve a drink.  We decided to immaculately clean the refrigerator and keep the drinks inside.  Here’s the sign I put on the refrigerator:

Keep drinks in the refrigerator so guests don't have to plunge their hands in an icy bucket.  ||

 And I used these cute buckets from Five Below to store the flatware:


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