Leaking Breast Encounters of the Hidden Kind

by , under Bottle vs. Breast, Mommy Debates and Social Issues

Yesterday, we took our son to an annual arts and crafts type festival in a beautiful little town in the mountains called Ligonier, Pennsylvania.  The Main Streets of many rural towns have died out with the emergence of big box stores and shopping malls, but this town’s Main Street is beautifully maintained and booming!

While there, we went into the YMCA to see some indoor vendors when we came across the baby station changing room.  We stepped in to the only quiet place in town and saw three women sitting in a far off dark corner.  They all had covers draped over their chests.  It took me a few moments to realize they were breastfeeding.

I know public breastfeeding is up for huge debate right now.  On one hand, I completely understand why a woman should be allowed to nourish her baby in public.  It’s a completely natural thing to do.  But, on the other hand, I think it’s incredibly ridiculous of the extremist breastfeeding supporters to demand women be allowed to flop out their breasts in public.  Just because you are feeding your baby doesn’t mean modesty goes right out the window.  Companies make beautiful, affordable breastfeeding cover-ups.  I don’t mind you breastfeeding in public–just cover up a bit.  Your baby will probably enjoy the peacefulness of being under the cover with just your breast.

To me, the need to hide in a corner as these women did seemed strange.  Today, at another fall festival, I came across a lady breastfeeding while she watched her other child play in the corn pit (yes, the corn pit was awesome!).  She had a simple cover-up on, and I had no problem with that.  If she had had her entire breast exposed, we may have had a big problem on our hands because my son is in the whole “booby” stage.  Any time he sees me undressing he gets very excited that I have breasts and will go “buh-buhs”.  I never breastfed, so I’m not sure where this fascination is coming from.  Perhaps he notices I have something on my chest, under my shirt that Daddy doesn’t?  If he had seen this woman’s breast, it would have led to a very embarrassing situation.

So, that’s my two-cents for today.  Now for a picture of my son in the awesome corn pit….