First Birthday: 3D Book Themed “ONE” Sign

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I never believed people when they say the first year flies by, especially during those rough first months.  But here we are, my son’s first birthday has come and gone, and here I am sharing with you the details of my son’s party.

ONE Book Themed First Birthday 3D Chipboard Sign    ||

My “ONE” sign was inspired by this one that I saw on Pinterest:

ONE sign for a baby's first birthday!

The decision to make his party a book themed one came from his love of books.  He loves this book:

Believe it or not, he will actually sit with a book and flip through the pages, mumbling to himself, and look from left to right.  If the book is upside-down he notices this right away and turns it right-side-up.  So, I set to work creating a Pinterest board for a Book Themed Birthday Party.  I decided that since he loved all books that we wouldn’t make it just a Look, Look! theme but a general rustic/vintage book theme.

I gathered my supplies:

  • vintage book pages from wiggelhevin’s Etsy shop (or pick up a $1 thesaurus at Dollar Tree)
  • Mod Podge (the glossy kind in the orange bottle)
  • a paint brush (I used a bristle brush and the Mod Podge came out perfectly with warm water.  But you can use a foam brush if you prefer.)
  • paper mache letters
  • a styrofoam plate to pour the Mod Podge on
  • scissors
  • some junk mail to protect my table from drippings

Pardon the mess!

At first I was worried that any type of mod podge or glue solution was going to cause the ink to run on the vintage pages. But it didn’t! I started by doing the inside edges first.  On the rounded parts of the “O” I had to cut little tabs into the paper to wrap it.


To wrap the edges of the “N” and “E” I did the same thing and folded over the piece of paper as if I was wrapping a present.  Then, once the sides are done, cover the rest of the letter with scraps of paper.  Finish with a top coat of mod podge to seal it, and voilà!  A beautiful 3D “ONE” sign is born!

As a side note: One thing I don’t like very much about the mod podge is the smell. It’s not overly chemical and only made my nose twinge a little. But it smells like (and looks like) really strong sunscreen. That’s kind of odd.  If you know of any other mod podge like substance that doesn’t have such a weird odor, let me know!

Click here to purchase my finished ONE sign from my Etsy shop!

Book Themed Birthday Party Pinterest Board

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