I’m a Kid Magnet

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On Friday my fiancé’s parents came over to help us set up the big white party tent for my son’s party the next day.  We were laying out the poles in piles according to number when I noticed a little boy, who couldn’t be older than three, walking into our back yard from the alley behind.

He came over to me and said, “You want to see what I can do?  There’s no training wheels on my bike and now I can ride it with two wheels!”  He took my hand and told me to come see.  I looked back at everyone, shrugged, and let him lead me to his bike.  I asked him if he was the little boy who just moved in a couple houses down and he said yes.  I looked to see if his mother was out, but she wasn’t.  So, I watched him hop on his bike and told him to be careful as he zoomed off.

A few minutes later, he was back.  This time, he decided he wanted to help set up our tent.  He took the poles from the piles we had arranged them in and started throwing them in different piles.  I looked at my fiancé and said, “This is going to take a lot longer than expected.”  We laughed, then I asked the boy if his mom knew where he was.  He said yes, and I replied, laughing, that she probably didn’t.  Soon enough, we heard a mother calling his name and he ran off to his home.

All I have to say is his mom is lucky we are normal, good people because we actually have a registered sex offender who lives very nearby.  I would never allow my son out of my sight for that long when he’s only three years old.  In all, it was adorable how he acted like he belonged there, but the danger of his actions and her negligence could have been all too real if he had wandered into the wrong yard.