Way to ruin my son’s special day for us….

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People are ignorant little (insert your choice word here).

As my fiancé was on his way home from getting dinner, he stopped at a stop sign and a black truck drove by and pelted the side of our car with a BB or Airsoft gun. Now there’s a chip in the windshield and little pits and scratches all over the side of the car. We had to go to the “scene of the crime” to file the report. The police were 30 minutes late, in which time it started downpouring, causing our son to flip ape-shit for the duration. So, there we are with a kid screaming like we’re abusing him while a state trooper inspects the damage.

To top that off, two weeks ago we ordered our son’s birthday cake. It’s a 5″ vanilla smash cake and all we wanted was for it to be frosted white with black letters. Simple, right? Well, we get to Giant Eagle and the cake is all decorated in crazy rainbows and sprinkles galore. Mind you, this is a $9 itty bitty cake that I SPECIAL ORDERED!. So, we had to wait 45 minutes for the lady to scrape off the icing and fix it.

She brings back the cake and says, “There you go. I fixed it.”

I took one look at the now BLUE rainbows she put all over it and said, “No. We ordered just white frosting with black letters.”

She then rolled her eyes at me, huffed, and said (and I paraphrase) “We aren’t supposed to do special smash cakes. If you order a smash cake then we do rainbows and that’s what you get because it’s too confusing for the cake decorator if you order something else. You’re lucky I’m doing this for you.” When she finally handed me the CORRECT cake, she said, very snarky and with clear sarcasm oozing with every word, “Is this how you want it. Good. Have a nice day.”

EXCUSE ME? I’m lucky she’s doing this for me? How about I ordered this custom two weeks ago, bitch! If it was such a problem to do, maybe your clerk should have mentioned that when we ordered it. Since when is white frosting with black letters that say his name sooooo much more difficult than making a shit load of rainbows? I paid $9 for this thing and I expect what I ordered, and I expect to get it without your post-menopausal attitude.

Then the lady at the check-out counter was essentially accusing me of trying to shoplift the cupcakes. We special ordered those too, so we got an order slip instead of having stickers on each package. Because they lacked stickers, she went through each of our items and checked them off the receipt to make sure we were paying for everything.

SO, to end this story, GIANT EAGLE in Latrobe can kiss my ass. And you will be hearing from us first thing after this party is over because you sincerely ruined a special event for us by being assholes about our son’s first birthday cake!!! GGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  1. Jennifer V

    Why on earth would they allow you to special order a cake that they don’t take special orders on? And then they got all annoyed that they agreed to make you a cake the way you wanted it and were all pissed you were annoyed it was wrong? If you wanted whatever it was that they randomly made, why would you even have custom ordered it?? SO ANNOYING!!!

    • Libby Sawyer

      Oh believe me, I was beyond annoyed! We kept our house at 70 degrees the entire night and during his party, but the frosting they used for his name melted and bled and made the cake look absolutely terrible! I’m sooo, soooo, soooo upset about it because this was his first ever birthday cake and it looked like we just mashed something together at the last minute. 🙁

  2. myatheistlife

    Don’t forget to mention the mental anguish their staff added to an already traumatic day – your son’s first birthday. Clearly they don’t want any word of mouth business. You might want to special order what you can without paying for it… then let them keep it.