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My local news outlet just posted a story that a new breed of stink bugs will be invading the area.  I live in southwest Pennsylvania, a hotbed for these pesky little bastards.  Luckily for me, I can’t smell them.  Apparently, they stink?  But I still can’t stand them crawling in my house and flying around.

I also have a serious spider problem at my house.  The are literally hundreds of extremely large spiders all over my very small house and yard.  I’m talking about spiders bigger than a quarter.  We also have a hoard of gnats that decided to build a colony in the connection joint of our downspout.  With my son’s outdoor birthday party this weekend, I needed to act fast and get rid of these pests once and for all.

Enter this:

Raid MAX Bug Barrier Indoor/Outdoor spray kills all bugs that cross the barrier line!  EVEN STINK BUGS!

I got this Raid MAX Bug Barrier for indoor/outdoor at Walmart. It comes in a blue bottle with a battery operated trigger so you don’t have to kill your finger pulling the trigger over and over. It’s meant to kill spiders, but I sprayed it in a line around my doors and windows and it killed anything that crossed the line. If you don’t mind going to pesticide route, get this! It killed those pesky stink bugs!  It killed all the spiders, it alleviated the gnat problem, and sadly killed a grasshopper that hopped over the line.

Bottom line.  This stuff is awesome.  Just be careful not to let it splash back in your eye like I did when spraying the ceiling of our porch!

This is NOT a sponsored post.  I found this golden elixir all on my own.