Best Age-Appropriate Toys For 10 to 12-Month-Olds

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By now, your baby has probably already mastered standing up at the coffee table, climbing up the stairs, racing around the house on her little knees, and possibly crawling on and off of the couch.  Your baby is everywhere and into everything!  Your baby is also probably starting to resemble an active, inquisitive, observant toddler than a passive baby.  Babies at this age are yearning to learn how their world works and their place in it, and the toys you choose for them should reflect this and foster their desire to discover.  Think of your baby as a little scientist who has mastered the scientific method, even if he doesn’t know that’s what it’s called.

Remember, your child may still love toys from the four through nine-month-old age range.  This is just a list of new toys to introduce if you haven’t already.

Here are my picks for the best age-appropriate toys for ten to twelve-month-olds!


Yes, I had this toy in the seven to nine-month-old category.  At that age, baby loved just chasing the ball around.  At the 10 to 12-month stage your baby has discovered that not only does the ball roll when he pushes it but it goes pretty far when he throws it, too!  Small balls that fit snugly in baby’s hand but aren’t small enough to go in the mouth will encourage baby to discover cause and effect relationships: throw the ball and it will fly.

Baby Einstein Roller Pillar Activity Balls

Baby Einstein Roller Pillar Activity Balls

Toy Kitchen

Your baby has most likely already gotten in to your kitchen cupboards and started pulling everything out.  My son particularly loves the DVD cabinet.  To feed his curiosity of what’s behind closed doors without the mess of my DVDs and Tupperware all over the floor, I got him a play kitchen.

Step 2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen

My kitties love it too! This is a Step 2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen.

See all those drawers and cupboards just waiting to be opened!  My son loves that he’s given free-reign to open them all and take everything out.  Baby is discovering object permanence–that things continue to exist even when he can’t see them.  Hide his favorite stuffed animal behind the door and he’ll love opening, closing, and reopening the door as he discovers his toy continues to exist.

Baskets and Boxes to Put Things In

My son’s new favorite thing is taking items out of baskets and putting them back in.  This includes the shoes in the shoe basket, the laundry, his toys, and anything else in a container.  If you don’t want baby putting all your clean laundry on the floor, appease his desire to deconstruct and get him some baskets with sensory items to play with.  You can also make it educational and get a shape sorter.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks


Push/Walking Toy

After my son takes all the clothes out of the laundry basket, he loves to walk around the house pushing the basket, zooming in and out of the rooms with it.  He hasn’t learned to walk on his own, yet (he has time at only 11 months old), but he’s showing a clear desire with this laundry basket activity.  I’m waiting to see if someone gets him a walking toy like the one below for his first birthday.  If not, I’ll head to the store right away and get him one.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


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