September Citrus Lane Review

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I finally cracked.  I’ve been seeing ads for Citrus Lane everywhere and took advantage of their half-off promotion to get my son a box.  Let’s say I was a little less than pleased with the box.  Here’s why…

A pretty boring box.  Everything that arrives here always looks super dirty and leaves your hands gritty from touching it.  And the box smelled heavily like motor oil.

Second Look

First Look

Our postmen are pretty rough with the packages, so the tissue paper inside was torn up a bit when it arrived.  This isn’t really Citrus Lane’s fault though.  Also, the crêpe straw packing material left a fine powder all over everything.  Other than that, it came on time and nothing was broken.

I’ve heard so many great things about how the value of the items far exceeds what you pay, but let’s be frank here.  I would never pay $25 for the 5 (that’s right, I only got 5 items) in the box.  That’s my beef with Citrus Lane.  So, what did I receive?  

Charley Harper 123s from Ammo Books -($7.96 value)

My son loves books, so I’m glad there was a book in the box.  We usually buy them used because he flips through them so many times that the binding breaks.  This book goes through number 1-10 and has pretty pictures of wildlife to go with the numbers–though, I think some of the creatures like water bugs might be over his head.




Baby Tiger wooden toy from Hape Toys – ($10.89 value)

I think this is cute.  My son wasn’t as thrilled.  I also think $11 for a block of wood with wheels is a bit pricey, despite its adorableness.


Playful Wash and Soothing Cream from Episencial – (approximately a $20 value)

These have a citrus smell.  I like limes and lemons, sometimes orange, but this is more like a grapefruit smell which I hate.  🙁 Good thing it’s not for me and my fiancé does the bathing.  But I’m all about honesty, and I would never ever ever ever pay $20 for butt cream and baby wash.  That’s ridiculous.  Even homemade natural baby soaps I’ve purchased were much much cheaper and smelled a whole lot better.


Julep nail polish in Coco-It Girl – ($14 value)

First, I hardly ever wear nail polish.  I just don’t have time to let it dry and I’m not a prissy woman.  Second, this is a baby box.  If I wanted cosmetics I would have signed up for a cosmetics subscription.  This box was supposed to be for my baby.  But all he got was a book and a toy.  I’d rather have had another book, a shirt for him, or another toy than nail polish.  Third, this nail color is not even remotely close to looking like cocoa on me.  I tried it on and on my pale feet it looks like my toes bled and clotted on my toenails.  Yuck!  I’ll probably give this to my soon-to-be MIL since she likes nail polish and this will look better on her. Fourth, the most I will pay for nail polish is $5.

Now, I’m not knocking Julep with this.  I’m just annoyed that Citrus Lane put this in a baby box.  The nail polish actually dried super super fast compared to any other nail polish I’ve ever used.  So, I’d like to give them another try with a different color.  Maybe I’ll have time for nail polish since it tried so fast.  That’s why I am glad that this was included:



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All in all, I wanted more products!  I’m glad I only paid half because the little I got wasn’t worth $25 to me.  I know the value of the box come to $52.85, but I feel the items are way over-priced to begin with.  Like I said, I could get similar items that I’d like a lot better for a whole lot less.  With that being said, I cancelled my subscription until further notice.  I’m just not pleased with the value.

Also, my son prefered the packing crepe more than the toys.

What a mess!

What a mess!

If you sign up for a subscription at Citrus Lane using this link, both you and I will receive $10 that is good towards anything on Citrus Lane’s site, including boxes!!