I have a bone to pick with Step 2

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I bought this awesome Step 2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen from a nice lady who delivered it since I didn’t have a big enough vehicle.

Step 2 Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen

My cats think it is a toy for them.

The only problems were that it was missing some parts.  Fortunately, Step 2 offers pretty much any replacement part you could need, unlike Mattel–but that’s a different story.  I ordered the missing pot and pan, phone, stove rack, sprayer hose, above sink light, and stickers (some were missing and pealing).  All the parts arrived pretty slowly.  But, hey, I only paid $65 for a toy that goes for over $200 brand new.  When they finally got here, I started putting them in/on the kitchen.  That’s when I noticed the LED light and sprayer hose was incorrect.

Yep, the light is supposed to fill in that depression.  So, I called Step 2 and this is how it went.

Her immediate first question was did I buy the kitchen second-hand.  Yes, I did.  But that doesn’t matter because I paid for the replacement parts.  She then told me that they did away with the old lights that actually fit into the socket and that I would have to drill my own holes in the kitchen and go out and buy 3/4 inch screws with the double ends and install it myself.  Mind you they didn’t even send instructions about this new light or the screws I would need.  I told her I wasn’t going to do that and that I was not made aware of the change in product when I purchased the item.  I had expected, I explained, to receive the same light that originally came with the kitchen.

Then the rep ACTUALLY said this: it’s not worth it for us to have to pay for the shipping cost to send it back so we aren’t refunding you. CAN YOU BELIEVE THE NERVE!! As if Step 2 isn’t a multi-million dollar corporation! That part cost me $6.  It’s not like they paid for the shipping the first time around; I DID!

I wasn’t even about to tell her that the 75 cent sprayer hose was wrong, too.

Yea, I would say those are two completely different items.

I put another call in and asked for the manager.  I left a voicemail, so let’s hope they call me back!

  1. Jeni

    Hi I’m needing a new light for my kitchen! Are u able to give me a contact number for them!