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I can distinctly remember the moment I decided I wanted to learn piano.  I was sitting in my sixth grade music class and the teacher asked who wanted to come up to the piano to try playing “Chopsticks.”  I rose my hand high in the air, begging to touch that glorious instrument I had been eyeing since the first grade.  She picked another kid.  A boy whom she said she trusted with her piano since he took piano classes from her.

It was completely unfair.

At Christmas, I asked for a piano.  Instead, I got a 12 inch long mini piano.  The keys were literally small than my pinky finger.  But it was enough.  Aided with a clever music learning program called Lenny’s Music Tunes, I learned the basics of piano playing.

Have you ever wanted to learn to play piano? 
Has your child been begging you for one or to send him/her to piano lessons?

Learning to play piano on your own is actually quite easy.  You don’t need a miserly teacher who won’t let you touch her piano to learn it.  All you need is a keyboard or piano, patience, and a little bit of instruction.  Instruction is where this book comes in handy:

Little Piano Book
Regular Price: $5.95

Little Piano Book: Fun, Step-By-Step, Easy-To-Follow, 60-Lesson Song and Beginner Piano Guide to Get You Started

Lenny’s Music Tunes faded away when Windows 95 was ousted, but this book will make an excellent replacement.  On August 26 and 27,  Steeplechase, the company behind several learn-to-play instruments books, is offering this book as a FREE Kindle eBook download through Amazon.

What is it?

It is a beginner piano course of 60 lessons that takes you step-by-step through the process of learning to play piano.  You get not only an eBook, but free streaming piano-lesson videos.   It is designed for beginners (from children to grown-ups) and no music   experience is necessary to use the book.  Each lesson builds on the previous one in a fun, clear, and easy-to-understand manner.

How do the videos work?

There are 10 Free, Streaming Video Lessons that coincide with the  material presented in Little Piano Book.  The lesson videos cover  playing songs and pieces, piano technique, how to read music, basic music elements and fundamentals, and how to develop  good practice  habits.

Check out one of the YouTube videos here!

What songs will I learn to play?

You learn how to play the piano and read music   through famous songs and pieces.  At  the end of the book, you will be able to play the following songs and pieces in easy-piano arrangements: “Jingle Bells”, “Scarborough  Fair”,  “Ode to Joy”, “Amazing Grace”, “When the Saints Go Marching In”,  “Yankee  Doodle”, “Simple Gifts”, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”,  “Michael, Row  the Boat Ashore”, “Beethoven 5th Symphony Theme”,  “Twinkle, Twinkle  Little Star”, “Love Somebody”, “Kum-Bah-Yah”, etc.

How can I view the Little Piano Book?

This free Kindle eBook can be read on laptop and desktop computers, tablets (like iPads), smart phones, and all Kindle devices.

So what are you waiting for?  Learning to play piano has never been more easier or more reasonably priced!  The promotion last only until Tuesday, but the book is only priced at $5.95 any other day.  That’s a lot less than piano lessons!  🙂

Check it out here and leave a product review!

I am writing this post as part of a promotional for Damon Ferrante of Steeplechase Arts and Productions.  As part of this promotional, we are encouraging anyone who views this book to leave a product review under its listing on Amazon.  For every review you leave, I earn $2.  That’s awesome, I know! But it really helps the company grow.  When people search Google and Amazon for a piano book, the reviews will help them make their decision.  So, if you check it out, leave a friendly little review and let me know in the comments that you reviewed it and make sure you select  “Amazon-Verified Purchase” when writing it!! We greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Adam M

    This is a great little beginner’s piano book – awesome work! Books like this are great for children because they guide the child towards being able to play real and familiar songs which I think it really one of the keys (no pun intended) to motivating young pianists.

    A real love of music comes from hearing music and thinking “I want to play that”, and a child who has this feeling about these familiar songs can learn to express him/herself using your book. As an instructor I’m always looking for ways to get young children excited about piano lessons and so far, teaching them songs that they actually want to learn is one of the best ways. Kudos!

    Adam M

  2. Cheri

    I got the free download and wrote a quick review! Looking forward to trying it out. I flipped through it, and it looks like a great way to introduce both the piano and music playing in general to A when she’s a little older.

      • Cheri

        No problem! A has a big keyboard. I’m glad I have a way to see if she’s interested before paying for formal lessons.

    • Libby Sawyer

      It’s not hard to do. Just takes a good bit of patience. lol. It’s free tomorrow and Tuesday, so you can get it then and try whenever you’d like.