Good Doggie Deeds

by , under Daily Musings

So, I think I did my good deed for the entire week. 🙂

Yesterday, I was sitting outside on the back patio after my fiance got home from work when I noticed a guy over at my weird neighbor’s house whom I’d never seen before. He was walking a black and white shih-tzu that I had never before seen at that house in the year and a half we’ve been here. It seemed really odd to me, especially since he was walking the dog and they never walk their dogs. So, I paid extra special attention to them.

Later last night, I got online and was browsing the Facebook flea market pages when I came across a grainy picture of a LOST black and white shih-tzu that looked remarkably close to the dog I’d seen. It had disappeared on Saturday from a house two streets down. I said, this can’t be a coincidence. So, I got in contact with the lady, explained what I saw, and gave her my neighbor’s address. I may have scared her a bit because I had to explain how they don’t have a front door and that you have to go in back up these stairs that look like a burned out pirate ship (I kid you not).

So, she went over this morning and it WAS her dog. She says they had bought it a new collar and leash, so it didn’t really look like they were planning to find its owner. She also said the neighbor lady was afraid her boyfriend will react negatively when he comes home and sees the dog gone. She insisted on having a flier to show him before handing the dog over. I guess I’ll have to keep a watch on that situation now. And the dog is doused in cigarette smoke, so he needs a bath.

All in all, I’m glad the dog is back with his rightful owner. She gave me a reward even though I insisted that she keep it. So, I’ll look in to a worthy pet rescue league to donate it to.