I’ve never been pooped on so much in my life…

by , under Updates About My Son!

Today, I was on the phone with my soon-to-be mother-in-law when the first incident happened.  As we spoke, I looked over at my son and noticed the tell-tale wet brown spot on his bottom.  He pooped himself.  It wasn’t until I got upstairs and took off his pants that I understood the extent of the damage.  To make matters worse, he reached down and grabbed himself and kicked his feet into his diaper, getting poo all over his hands and feet.  Needless to say, I had to bathe him.  In carrying him to the bathroom, I got poo all over me and had to scrub myself down as well.

After my fiancé came home, we put our son down for a nap and decided to use the time to fold a mound of laundry that we’d been neglecting.  Our cat, Pip, entered the room.  When Sawyer, our other cat, saw him, he pounced and immediately started aggressively grooming him.  This wasn’t an unusual occurrence.  Sawyer is very finicky and grooms EVERYTHING.  He especially likes to wrestled Pip and groom him, so much so that we often joke that they are lovers.  I called Pip over so I could pet him.  Yes, Pip comes when you call him.  He jumped up on the bed and started rubbing all over me.  That’s when I smelled it.  And then I saw it on my arm.  And my leg.  And the bed and the clean laundry that I had just folded.  Poop.  Everywhere. So, I picked Pip up, took him to the bathroom, and gave him his first ever bath.  I love that we have doors on our tub/shower because I threw him in there with a full tub and scrub that boy down.  Now, he and Sawyer are upstairs grooming him.

Today has been, quite literally, a crappy day!