Beat the Boredom Boxes

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A long time ago I started a list of fun activities to do for each season.  The idea to do this came from the let down at the end of each season when I realized I had completely forgotten about an activity that can only be done during that season (for example, I had forgotten to go sled riding that winter).  Another reason I started the list was to beat the boredom.  How many times have you heard your child say “I’m bored” and you stood staring in disbelief thinking of all the activities your child could be participating in?

Beat the Boredom Box Logo

Well, I decided to start writing monthly Beat the Boredom Box posts.  The idea is for the parent to create a box full of (cheap) items and lists of activities for each month.  So, when your child says “I’m bored” he or she can go to the Beat the Boredom Box, pick an activity, and “beat the boredom”.  In the spirit of monthly subscription boxes, you can even deliver a packed box on the first of each month to your child.  Imagine the delight they will feel each month as they open the box and see all the goodies and activities planned for the month.

Each month, I will write a post that will include:

  • book suggestions for the month
  • a printable list of activities for the month.  Each month I will link 2 to 3 of the activities to separate posts with detailed instructions (for example, instructions and recipes for baking Christmas cookies).
  • a list of toys, gadgets, and fun items you can include in the box.  Many of the suggestions will be items to help you fulfil some of the activities on the list.  You can choose how many you want to include and how much you want to spend.  Many of the items can be dollar store finds

These will be posted the preceding month so you have time to get everything together (i.e. I will post October’s lists at the beginning of September and so forth).  It will be up to you, as the parent, to put the box together, and you don’t even have to tell the kids where you got the idea.  They’ll think are the coolest mom or dad ever!

Go to the
Beat the Boredom Box Homepage
to see the lists for each month and sign up for the e-mail newsletter!

September’s Beat the Boredom Box post will be up tomorrow!  Follow my blog for a notification.

Beat the Boredom Box Logo is made from a chalkboard oval file compiled by Lilac & Lavender.  Oval design was created using free textures and shapes.