Pediatrician Offices: Where Healthy Babies Go to Get Sick

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Today was my son’s 9-month-old well visit at the pediatricians.  I had to take him by myself for the first time, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Halfway to the office, I realized I forgot socks for him so he can cruise around and show off his skills for the doctor.  I didn’t want his bare feet on the gross floor.  So, we ran back to get them.

Once we got to the office we sat on the “well” side.  The waiting room is divided in half, one side “sick” and the other “well”.  Some people don’t follow this rule.  Take for example a little girl who was there for a sick visit as announced by the nurse paging the doctor over the intercom.  I was sitting there next to the books, reading one to my son as he sat on my lap.  This little girl started to approach us in that “OH! Look!  A baby!” way that kids do.  I don’t know why children are so fascinated with babies, but we always are ambushed by children wanting to touch him while we are out and about.  Well, this girl wanted to touch him.

As she approached, I politely said, “You can look at him, but don’t touch him.”  It’s not that I’m a germ-a-phobe or don’t let strangers touch my son, but one look at the giant, peeling, festering cold sore on her lip and the snots on her nose, not to mention that she was there because she was sick, told me she needed to stay far away from my healthy boy.

She kept getting closer and decided to “look at the books.”  As she flipped through the basket of books with one hand, her other started moving slowly toward my son’s leg.  I told her “no touching” two more times.  When her hand touched my leg I had enough and pushed her hand away and said firmly, “DON’T touch him.”  I looked around for her mother and didn’t see her.  I know, what the hell?  Finally, her name was called to go back to the examination room.

Anyways, I thought I’d share that with you so you know to keep your kids away from other people’s babies.  Especially if they are sick!!

  1. ksbeth

    that’s crazy and so annoying that some parents don’t think about how their kids can get others sick