Banning Smoking in Your Own Home

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Apparently, the government wants to pass a law that would make it illegal to smoke in your home or car if children are present.

Banning Smoking in the Home

I don’t know why people don’t just have common sense to not do it in the first place. Makes me angry every time I see someone smoking in a car with children.  It’s abuse, in my opinion.  Smoking causes so many problems, and helpless children should not be subjected to that.  You can’t beat your child, so why should you be allowed to pollute his or her lungs?

I’ve read many comments under the above Facebook post’s thread, and many say they want the government out of their homes.  I agree, to some extent.  But, for all of those who say it’s against the Constitution for the government to govern what you do in your own home:

There are plenty of things you aren’t allowed to do in your home, like kill someone, make a bomb, build a meth lab, or grow weed. In fact, you aren’t even allowed to burn it down.  Stop and think about the reasons you aren’t allowed to do these.  Now think about the reasons they don’t want you to smoke around children in your home or car.  Same reasons, aren’t they?

So, where do you stand on this debate?  Leave me a sweet one in the comments!