Best Age-Appropriate Toys For 7 to 9-Month-Olds

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By seven months old, your baby will be sitting on his own if he isn’t already cruising around the house at lightning speed.  Who knew those little knees could move so fast?  When baby reaches that point of mobility, everything in the house becomes a toy.  And that can be a good thing.  Babies need to experience their environment to learn from it.  It isn’t enough for them to just sit there and look at things.   They need to be hands-on (and maybe even mouth on!) with the objects in their world.  Here are some tips on making your child’s environment a fun and SAFE place:

How To Baby Proof Your Family Room

Baby Proofing Your Home 

Your baby may also start to reject toys he or she loved just a few months ago.  One toy my son doesn’t use anymore is his play gym, the kind where baby lays on the ground and looks up at dangling toys.  On the other hand, he’s started to become more fond of rattles. Babies of this age will also be interest in multi-sensory toys and toys that will help fine-tune their fine motor skills.

Here are my picks for the best age-appropriate toys for seven to nine-month-olds!

Bouncy Balls

Babies this age will delight in chasing a big shiny ball around the house!  My son squealed when we gave him his ball.  Unfortunately, it did not survive the night with three cats.  🙁


The best thing to do with blocks? Stack them up high and knock them down!  I do this with my son.  When he knocks down the tower I yell “Boom!” and he laughs so hard.

Classic ABC Block Cart from Melissa and Doug


My son suddenly developed an interest in magnets.  He especially likes taking the clean/dirty magnet off the dishwasher, fumbling it in his hands as he inspects it, and then putting it back on.  He does this any time he sees a magnet.  It’s fascinating watching him replace the magnet because you can see him establishing and understanding a cause and effect relationship.

Melissa and Doug, a wonderful toy manufacturer, sales all types of wooden magnets from dinosaurs to alphabet!

Wooden Letter Alphabet Magnets from Melissa and Doug

See and Say

Not only does it teach about farm animals, but baby will love watching the arrow spin around.  Pulling on the handle teaches baby cause and effect relationships.  My son just mastered the handle at 9 months old.

Fisher-Price The Farmer Says See 'n Say

Things to Bang Together

Go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of cheap things to lay around the house at baby level.  Baby will love opening cabinets, standing at the coffee table, and being allowed to play with the things he finds.  One thing I keep around are cork coasters.  My son loves to play with these for some reason.


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