Shower Her With Diapers

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My fiancé and I received dozens of packages and boxes of diapers for our baby shower.  They lasted us well into the third month.  Because they were gifts, though, we didn’t get to decide which diapers we used, and let me tell you, starting out we would have had no idea which to use!  Some of the diapers were complete crap.  I mean that literally.  They were so bad at keeping in our son’s crap that we wanted to throw them away (we didn’t, so don’t worry earth-lovers).  I won’t name any of the brand names… unless you ask nicely.

Through our diaper trying trial we kept saying to each other how nice it would be to have a sample pack of all the different diaper brands so we could find the best fit diaper without wasting an entire box.  Just a few days ago I stumbled on this wonderful service:

Diaper Dabbler (which, by the way, is no way affiliated with this site, thelittledabbler) offers exactly what I described above!  They have a wide selection of diapers and can put a sample pack together to meet your needs.  Packages range from $13 to $50  depending on the quantity and package.  Wouldn’t that be a great gift to give a new mom?

Diaper Dabbler offers sample packs in sizes N, 1, 3, and 2T-3T trainer packs.  Each sample package contains diapers from a variety of brands so you can test what works for you best!  Hey, that’s quite a catchy slogan!

Diaper Dabbler Sample Packs

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So go check out Diaper Dabbler and tell them thelittledabbler sent you!

Disclaimer: this post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Diaper Dabbler.  I just thought their service sounded amazing and wanted to share the news with you!  I received no contact, products, or compensation from Diaper Dabbler.  But if they want to send me a trial pack, I won’t object. 😉