How to Unzip a File

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This is a tutorial on how to unzip a .zip file (also known as ZIP file) so you can use its contents.  Some very old versions of Windows and Mac cannot unzip files (Windows older than 1998 and Mac older than Mac OS X 10.3 will not work).  I am using Google Chrome as my browser and Windows 8, so the images in this tutorial may look different than your screen, but we will all use the same commands.

To Unzip a .Zip File

Step 1.) Click the download button from the website.

Step 2.) Some browsers like Google Chrome put the download in a tray like this.

Download Bar

Other browsers, like Safari, will open a download box like this.

Click OPEN or RUNIf yours looks like the this image above, just click Open and go to step 4 in this tutorial.  If it downloads in a tray, go to step 3.

Step 3.)  Right click the little downward arrow and then select  “Show in Folder”.Show in Folder (2)

Step 4.) When the file shows up in the folder, it will look like it has a zipper on it.  Right click the folder and select “Extract All”.

Extract All (3)Step 5.)  A dialog box will appear asking where you want to save the file.  Choose a location by clicking “Browse”.  Once you have chosen a location, make sure you have the little box check marked so your file will automatically show up.  Then click “Extract”.

Choose a File Location (4)If you forgot to check the box, just go to the location where you asked for the files to be saved (when you clicked Browse and chose a file).

Step 6.) That’s it!  Your files should appear and are ready for use!

Questions?  Ask them in the comments below or contact me.