Car Seat Recycling!

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When your car seat finally meets its expiration date, consider recycling it.  The landfills are full enough with non-biodegradable waste.  Do you know how long it would take for all the components of a car seat to biodegrade?  That’s a trick question because some components like the metal buckles will never break down!

To find a recycling facility in your area, go to Google Search and type in “car seat recycling in” and type your state or local area.  Call your municipal waste office and ask about programs in the area.

If you can’t find any facilities in the area, consider sending your car seat to BabyEarth RENEW.  This company based out of Austin, Texas takes car seats, strollers, swings, jumpers, diaper bags, and high chairs.  If they are in good condition and not expired they will give them to needy families.  If they cannot be reused the company will break the item down into all its recyclable parts to ensure as little waste as possible goes into the landfills.  You will have to pay the shipping cost to send your car seat to the facility, but it’s well worth it!  Don’t be a stingy Scrooge!  Save the environment, even if it is one car seat at a time!

Check out how you can recycle your big baby items via BabyEarth RENEW!

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post.  I just love what these people are doing to save the environment!