Reuse Bubble Wrap Shipping Envelopes!

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The mailman probably hates me.  It seems almost every day I get another package in the mail.  Now, I’m not quite in hippy, tree hugging territory yet, but my fiancé and I have been trying our best to be as environmentally conscious as can be.  We’ve upped our recycling habits, opt for items that are in recyclable or biodegradable packaging when we can, and reuse as much as possible.  That’s why when I thought of this idea I got so excited I had to share.

Normally, when I get a package in a bubble wrap envelope, I would just throw it away because the outside was so banged up and dirty I could never reuse it to ship anything.  But then I thought, what if I just peeled away the outside yellow part?

So, I did.

Peel the outside packaging from a bubble wrap packaging envelope and use the bubble wrap to store fragile Christmas decorations!  from

And guess what?  Now I have a nice bubble wrap pouch in perfect condition to wrap my fragile Christmas decorations!  If you want to be even more frugal, the next time you get a gift with tissue paper in it, save the tissue paper to wrap Christmas tree ornaments!