Ulubulu Innovative Baby Products Review and Giveaway!

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When I was contacted by Ulubulu to try out some of their products, including their personalized pacifiers, I was super ecstatic for three reasons.  One, I had seen in magazines other companies that made personalized pacifiers and always thought they were adorable.  I especially loved the “Mute Button” idea.  So, the wonderful people at Ulubulu sent me a Silicone Mute Button Pacifier.  And boy does it look cute!

"Mute Button" pacifier from Ulubulu.  See the review at thelittledabbler.com!

My son at his aunt’s graduation party. Everyone commented on how adorable the pacifier was!

The second reason I’m so excited?  My son lost all of his pacifiers!  I don’t know how this happened in a four-room house.  My fiancé and I moved every piece of furniture and emptied every basket, box, shoe, and cat food bowl looking for them and they are nowhere to be found.  It’s too bad I didn’t have Ulubulu’s Robonaut Personalized Pacifier Clip to keep him from throwing his pacifiers in… well… wherever he threw them!

Robonaut Personalized Pacifier Clip from Ulubulu.  See the review at thelittledabbler.com!

Adorable print! Robonaut Personalized Pacifier Clip from Ulubulu

Thirdly, I’ve also started feeding my son finger foods.  He hasn’t yet grasped the concept of putting the food in his mouth, so he’ll sit there with two fists full of food while I feed him.  He’ll figure it out sooner or later.  But in the meantime, those fists of food will go in the trash because he inevitably forgets about them, opens his fists, and lets the food fall.  That’s why I’m loving the Duke Frog Baby Bib from Ulubulu with it’s crumb catching scoop.

Duke Frog Baby Bib from Ulubulu.  See the review at thelittledabbler.com!

So, what do I think of these products?

To test out these products, I used my son as a guinea pig.  Don’t worry!  He didn’t mind one bit.  I hope I can answer all the questions you might have about these products.  If you don’t see an answer to your question, just ask in the comments below.  Ulubulu will be reading them!  🙂

First, I want to say that the packaging is adorable, informative, and very professional.

Duke Frog Baby Bib from Ulubulu.  See the review at thelittledabbler.com!

My box is crushed! Bad mailman!

Robonaut Personalized Pacifier Clip from Ulubulu.  See the review at thelittledabbler.com!

I just wish the mailman wouldn’t have smashed it in the mail box, causing the top of the bib box to pop open!


Ulubulu pacifiers are customizable.  You can have them printed with baby’s name or even a cute phrase!  I picked “Mute Button” because that’s what a pacifier is in my house!  They also come in a variety of colors, and you can choose silicone or latex.  For this review, I had a silicone pacifier.  Prices range from about $5 to $15.

Did he like it?

My son took to this pacifier right away, which is surprising since he is usually very picky about his pacifiers.  He seemed to especially like that Ulubulu’s pacifiers have a wider, larger nipple than most pacifiers.

Ulubulu pacifier (on right) is bigger than the usual pacifier.  See the review at thelittledabbler.com!

Ulubulu pacifier (on right) is bigger than the usual pacifier.

Is it orthodontic safe and are the materials safe?

Yes!  They are comparable to the highly acclaimed NUK pacifiers.  Also, Ulubulu’s pacifiers do not contain lead, BPA, or phalates!

Does it pick up lint and hair easily?

I have three cats, so this makes me the perfect testers!  Yes, it picks up fuzz and cat fur the same as any other pacifier.  Until a miracle product is developed that repels cat hairs, we’ll just have to keep those pacifier wipes handy!

How well does it wash in the dishwasher? Does it get water inside it?

This pacifier is dishwasher safe, and as far as I can tell does not get water inside it like some pacifiers.  Time and wear and tear can only tell if the printed words will wash off.  I’ll update you if it does!


Ulubulu’s clips come in a variety of designs and cost about $7 each.  Check them out here.  You can also personalize it by writing baby’s name on the back with a ball point pen.

Personalize baby's pacifier clip from Ulubulu.  See my review of the Robonaut Personalized pacifier clip at thelittledabbler.com.

Does it stay on?  Will it pinch baby’s fingers?

This clip actually stays on super tight!  My son is one of those kids who love to grab EVERYTHING and pull it as hard as he can.    My hair can attest to that!  But this clip stuck to his clothes and didn’t come off.  And it probably won’t pinch little fingers because the clip stays so tight, and I actually had trouble myself figuring out how to open it because I’d never seen a clip like this.  I handed it to my fiancé and had him figure it out.  He did it in a few seconds!  One suggestion I have to make the clip easier to use the first time is to put a sticker on top that says “Pull top piece up”.

Robonaut Personalized Pacifier Clip.  See the review at thelittledabbler.com!

The clip is a bit confusing to use if you’ve never seen one before. But boy does it stay put!

Does it work with any pacifier?

Yes!  This is a universal clip that uses the cow hitch knot.

Robonaut Personalized Pacifier Clip is universal because it uses the cow hitch knot!  See my review of this product at thelittledabbler.com



The first thing I noticed about these bibs was how soft the material felt and how easily it folds up for easier storage.  These bibs come in a variety of gender specific and gender neutral styles.  Their whimsical design makes them fun to use for any child.  They cost about $10 each.

How easy is it to wash?  Does it shrink or warp?  Can you dry it?

Because Ulubulu’s bibs are made of silicone, they can be washed with soap and water or in the dishwasher without fear of warping.  However, do not throw these bibs in the washer or dryer!  They aren’t that kind of bib!

This bib does pick up quite a bit of human hair, cat hair, and dust.  I’d say more so than any other bib I’ve used.  But because it is so easy to wash you could easily use this bib for every feeding.  Just wash it after a meal and stick it to the back of the high chair with a Command Hook so it’s ready for the next feeding.

Does it fit any neck?

This bib is designed for young babies and children who can sit on their own and would need such a thing as a scoop to catch food.  It will fit any child of that age because of the three adjustable notches.

Duke Frog Baby Bib from Ulubulu.  See the review at thelittledabbler.com!

One complaint I do have about this hook system is that the hook is difficult to push in to the holes because the silicone material creates friction when rubbed together.  It doesn’t slide as easily as you think it would.

Is it awkward to wear?  

This bib did look a bit awkward on my son since he has a tiny body and a huge head (poor thing), but it didn’t impede his eating at all.  The material moves and conforms well with the body as he reaches for food.  Also, the top portion of the bib is scooped in to accommodate the armpit area.

Like what you saw?  Then check out Ulubulu’s online shop!

Disclosure Statement: I was supplied samples of this product with the intent of reviewing them on my blog.  All opinions expressed herein are entirely my own, and I was not required to provide any key words or statements.  I received no additional compensation.

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