You know it’s time to call a pro when….

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This house hunting experience is a little discouraging, but it’s opened my eyes to the stupid things people do to their homes. So, please, if you are a homeowner, don’t do stupid things like “waterproof” the basement with spackle (it doesn’t work), install three different types of flooring in one room (or worse, hiding flooring issues with carpet), install paneling of any kind, list it as a two bathroom when one “bathroom” is just an awkward toilet in the basement, or totally remodel the inside but not put down four grand for central air. Seriously, put the tools down and call a pro or leave it as is. I can’t tell you how many of these houses would have been better off if the homeowner HADN’T tried to make repairs on his (because a woman wouldn’t do this stuff, lol) own.

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