Chompers and Up Chucks

by , under Spitting Up

My son’s two front bottom teeth just popped through!  

The poor guy has a fever and has been super cranky because of it all.  My fiancé and I took him to Hallmark to get Father’s Day cards for all the dads.  Right in the middle of Hallmark he threw up his entire dinner all over me and the floor.  And it just had to be a super hot, stinky, orange turkey and vegetable purée.  YUCK.

The cashier was helpful in getting stuff to clean it up.  Then a lady passed me, looked at my coated shirt and said, “Are you having issues?”  That made me embarrassed and a little annoyed.  I just replied, “Mommy issues.”

  1. Cheri

    I am not looking forward to a vomit episode with no one else around. This is one thing I’m not good with. The few times my baby has thrown up, I’ve almost joined her!

  2. adayinthelifex2

    sounds like our kinda of day! My little man is working on his teeth too and tonight threw up all of is oatmeal/sweet potatoes RIGHT on my lap …and i had on a sundress… 🙁

    • Libby Sawyer

      Oh yuck!! The lap is the worst because you don’t want to stand up and have it drip everywhere! Congrats to your little boy. 🙂 This is such exciting stuff!