House Hunting for a Growing Boy

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My fiancé and I are currently in the process of looking for a house.  If you just read my last post about wedding plans, you’re probably thinking, “Man, this girl has a lot on her plate.”  And you are right.  I do.  And it is driving me mad!!

One of the problems I’m having trying to find a house is I have several incongruent styles that I love equally.  I like the modest home out in the country with a big yard.  But I also love the idea of being in a community or small town where the park is just a few feet away (like where I am now).  I also love old homes with tons of characters.  At the same time, I love newer homes that are a blank canvas, are clean, and I know are structurally safe.

I don’t know how to go about deciding which house would be best for my family.  What I have most in mind is how our choice of house and location will affect our son’s childhood and upbringing.  As a child, I played outside quite a bit, but the lawn size wasn’t much of a factor to me.  The park was also a ten minute walk away.  And our house was huge!  I’m talking three stories, six bedrooms, Victorian house huge.

But I’m a girl.  I don’t have a clue what kind of yard or house my son would most appreciate.  Would he want the huge yard with the creek in back, but a small house?  Or would he want the large house with lots of crawl spaces and hideouts, but no yard?  Does walking distance to a park matter to him?  Would he want residential streets to ride his bike on?  I don’t know!  To all the ladies out there with boys, what do you think?

  1. ksbeth

    dont’ have boys but play with them everyday in my kindergarten class. boys are physical and will play and explore in any space available. choose the house based on what feels right or good about it when you walk in and around it. your son will love it if you love it and make it your home.

  2. Sonya

    I suppose you should think about it as far as what you want to allow him to do. Will you let him walk to the park on his own? If not then why live near one… sure you could go with him but you can just as easily drive to one.

    I have a brother who is ten years younger than I. We grew up with a huge backyard and both of us have had a great time, and been very entertained by it. It has allowed us to have a dog, to play sports, to throw parties (family parties), try out new hobbies, meet neighbors (still in the comfort of our own home).

    You can never go wrong with brick. A new home will likely not have mold (like my fiancé and I’s house… which we didn’t know about for a year SO GROSS). I say new home, big yard. Whatever you decide, you and your family will make that home… even if you don’t love love love the place you find, soon enough you will. 🙂

    • Libby Sawyer

      The house we are very interested in is brick! I’ve always been worried about brick because I’ve never lived in a brick house. It’s fairly new and has a HUGE yard. All the things you did as kid are precisely what I want for my son and why I want this house. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

      • Sonya

        🙂 I hope you get the house then. Brick is awesome, beautiful with no upkeep at all. Hopefully its not painted otherwise totally ignore that statement.

        • Sonya

          That house is awesome, it is super cute… not too small but not too big and the color outside is beautiful. It looks like the only thing you would need to fix right away is the carpet and even that could probably wait about 2 years. I hope you get it! Would you put a fence around it or just keep it as is?

        • Libby Sawyer

          That’s not a very good pic of the carpet because it’s actually almost brand-new. I want to put a decorative fence around it like you see on farms or ranches. You know the kind that are just two horizontal logs on log poles. We could never afford to fence in the entire property with real fencing because it’s 170 x 300 feet.

          • Sonya

            Right, no that is a good idea because it gives you security… like no matter what it looks like it give the idea that you want the people going in your yard to be invited… not just walk on it for no reason (if that makes sense).

            I am really excited for you… are you putting in an offer?

        • Sonya

          No, for real that is a lot of money! I mean if it went toward something that would be one thing, but to have it and then just not and maybe not get the house that is stupid. What if you bid on 10 places that is 2,500 bucks. Crazy!

  3. Becoming the Best Me

    I wish I could help but I have a baby girl. I will say the house won’t be as important as the family that lives there. I think he will be happy with whatever house you pick because you will make it his home 🙂