How to Get Puke Stains Out of Carpet

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Use Tuff Stuff to get puke stains from babies or pets out of carpet.  || Helpful tips from

Tuff Stuff gets tough stains out!

If your baby is starting to crawl around, get ready for more messes!  I’m not just talking about toys everywhere, household items being pulled off the tables, and food flying everywhere.  I’m talking about the puke.  It won’t just be dribbling down baby’s bib and clothing.  It will be all over the floor.  And before you can grab the baby or a rag, he’ll be crawling through it and spreading it everywhere.  To make matters worse, those sweet potatoes and puréed turkey dinners stain carpet. Parenting is lovely, isn’t it?

To get the puke stains out of carpets, I love love love Tuff Stuff.  You can find it at auto parts stores or in the auto section of Walmart or Dollar General.  It’s meant for cleaning car upholstery, but it can be used for virtually any textile!  Here’s the product description from the Walmart website:

The Tuff Stuff Foam Cleaner Aerosol has deep cleaning foaming action that lifts dirt and helps restore true color and appearance. It’s great for cleaning appliances, Formica and bathroom fixtures, but it also cleans vinyl and fabric upholstery, floor mats, carpet and chrome.

Just use as directed and your carpets will look brand new!  Spray it on the stain, wait 15-30 seconds, and scrub with a damp rag.  Repeat if the stain is still visible.

Also, to pet owners, this works great on stains from cats throwing up.  That’s originally what I bought it for.