How To Make a Fake Diploma (Template and Tutorial)

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This is a tutorial on how to make a fake diploma like this…

How to Make a Fake Diploma   ||

I made this template (with name changes, of course) for my sister-in-law’s graduation gift.  This was her gift…

How to Make a Fake Diploma   ||

How-to Make the Fake Diploma

1.) First, download my Fake Diploma Template and open it with Microsoft Word.  If you don’t have Word and need other options, contact me.

2.) When you open the document, the fonts may look different than the ones shown in the finished product.  This is most likely because I used fonts not typically found on the standard version of Word.  Have no fear because we will fix that!

Here are the fonts I used:

How to Make a Fake Diploma   ||

Adobe Hebrew and Bookman Old Style are probably already on your computer.  The one you probably don’t have is Diploma.

3.)  To add this font to your computer, first click here to download Diploma.  Go to your Downloads folder, right-click the zippered folder, and select Extract All.


4.) A new folder will appear without a zipper on it.  Open that folder and you will find the following icon.  Copy the icon.

5.) Using your computer’s search feature, search for your Fonts folder.  If you aren’t sure where your computer’s search feature is, you can also search by doing the following:

Open My Documents.  In the left panel, select the C: drive or This PC, and search for Fonts.  Open the Fonts folder (see the big orange arrow).

6.) Paste the icon for Diploma in that folder.

7.) You’ve just added the font to your computer!  Yay you!  Now go back to the fake diploma template and change the school name to the Diploma font.

8.) The other thing you will want to change is the university coat of arms/crest/emblem.  To change that, first do an online search for the coat of arms for your college and save it to your computer.

9.) Using the Insert feature on Word, add the emblem to the template (make sure to delete mine first).

10.) With the crest image selected, make sure the Text Wrapping is set to In Front of Text so that you can move it anywhere on the document without disrupting the text.

That’s It!

You should now have a fake diploma to print out and use for your graduation gift.