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It’s graduation season!  My fiancé’s sister is graduating college tomorrow, and we were stuck trying to figure out what to get her.  She is moving back home for the time being, so something for her place didn’t work.  All we could think is she could use some money.  I saw some great Pins on Pinterest for graduation gifts.  You can see my Graduation board for some ideas.

I finally decided I liked this idea.

 As I was looking at the store for picture frames, I saw a diploma frame.  That’s when it hit me!  So, I made this…

I put a fake diploma in a diploma frame.  This is so much better than stuffing the money in a card!  For one, it’s absolutely adorable!  Two, the frame can be used by the graduate to hang his or her actual diploma!  Awesome!!

Because I’m so kind, I decided to share with you the Fake Diploma Template, show you how to download the custom Diploma font, and explain how to change the college coat of arms/crest.

You can find all of that here… How to Make a Fake Diploma (Template and Tutorial)

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