Anti-Abuse Campaigns

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A friend of mine posted a article that discusses a new campaign to prevent and stop child abuse.

The video shows a sign that, to a tall adult looks like a very sad child and sends a message to report suspected child abuse.  But, to a small child, the sign shows a bruised boy with the message to call the number given if someone is hurting them.  This genius advertising is a step forward in getting the message out to children that they are not powerless and can get out of abusive situations, even if their predator is walking right next to them and sees the sign.

If you suspect a child is the victim of abuse or neglect, contact your local Child Protective Service, Child and Youth Service, or the police who can direct you to the proper authorities.  Sometimes children can’t speak for themselves.  It’s your job to speak for them.  

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  1. Sonya

    That is a very creative idea. I kept thinking about how it wouldn’t really work because adults are watching this video, but the point is child awareness. I was lucky enough to have a family that didn’t abuse me, but I will soon be the step mom of a child that lives a three hour flight away from my Fiancé and I and I worry about her safety sometimes. Not that her Mom is a bad person at all, but the people she dates are questionable (and she bounces around a lot). I have informed her and will continue to inform her that I will be there no matter what… if she feels like something is scary or inappropriate to tell me. The second I told her that she began telling me about how much shit her Aunt talks about her Dad, and how the new boyfriend tells her things like she is lying and not trying on her homework (she has dyslexia). It got so bad in fact that she tore her handwritten paper up in front of her teacher and threw it away before it could be read. They have since broken up, and we have worked to mend that… but we honestly don’t know what she is going to run into in the future.

    How do you have a life with children? It is so scary… I am glad this campaign exists, thank you for sharing it.