How to Download Fonts Tutorial

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Feel free to print out this tutorial so you can follow along as you download your font!  This tutorial may seem very long and daunting at first, but TRUST ME, once you do it once it will be a breeze every subsequent time you do it after.

Disclaimer (PLEASE READ): For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to download a DIPLOMA font.  I am doing this tutorial on Windows Vista and am going to use the font for Microsoft Word 2007.  There may be differences in how some windows appear and what commands you are asked.  If that’s the case, just follow along as best you can.  You can also CONTACT ME or leave a comment for help.  I also do not know if the directions are different if you are using the font for another word processor.

Download the Font

1.) Find a font online that you like.  You can do this by searching on Google for a font you like.  There are hundreds of free fonts out there.

I searched “FREE DIPLOMA FONT” on Google and clicked the first link for

2.) When you find the font you like, click the DOWNLOAD button on that page for that font.

3.) A pop-up window may show up that asks you to “Open/Save/Cancel” or “Run/Save/Cancel”.  Click either OPEN or RUN.

Click OPEN or RUN

Find the ZIP FILE

4.)  Here’s where it may get a little confusing, so bear with me.  The folder that the font’s file downloaded to should pop up.  If it does not, search your computer using the title of the font.  In this case, the font’s name is DIPLOMA.  You can find the fonts name by looking at what it was called on the download page.

When the folder pops up (or once you opened it) it may look like this…

Step 4 Number 1

We need to find the zip file.  So, change the VIEWS to LARGE ICONS.

Step 4 Number 2

Notice the icon for DIPLOMA does not look like a zip file.  This is what a zip file looks like.

Step 4 Number 3

To find the zip file, just click one folder back on the file location bar at the top of your window, as seen in this picture.

Step 4 Number 4

The window should now look like this.

Extract the ZIP FILE

5.) You are ready to extract your files.  Right click on the zip file and select EXTRACT ALL…

Now follow the directions in the following picture: 1.) Choose a location to save the file (you can delete it later) 2.) Make sure the box is checked so the new window pops up 4.) Click EXTRACT

A new window should pop up with a TrueType Font File icon that looks like this…

Search for Your Computer’s FONTS FOLDER

6.) Now we need to find the folder on your computer where all fonts are stored (the FONTS FOLDER).  First, close out all the windows that are opened except the one that the TrueType Font File.  This just makes the next step easier so you can see what you’re doing.

Search your computer for FONTS.  You can do this one of two ways.  Some computers (like mine) can only find the file using the first method…

1.) Open your START MENU and search the term FONTS.

2.) On your desktop, double click the COMPUTER icon.  In the search bar, type FONTS.

Step 6 (2)

Open the FONTS FOLDER that shows up.

Put the Font File/Icon in Your Computer’s FONTS FOLDER

7.) Drag and drop the TrueType Font File into the FONTS FOLDER.

You’re Done!

Just open Microsoft Word and look for the DIPLOMA font.