Don’t make babies look more illiterate than they already are…

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I saw this image on the Facebook page for a local consignment shop:

Yes, the image is absolutely adorable and the idea is quite cute.  But…

Two problems.

One. I don’t mind the slang in this area where we drop the “g” from “ing” words.  That’s all okay.  But please use an apostrophe in its place!

Two.  Or should I say, “to”.  Do you see the next grammatical mistake?  Yep, it should read “Too Stinkin’ Cute”.

The only way I’d buy this is if I was illiterate, my child had nothing else to wear, I was flat broke, or it came with a pack of iron-on fabric paper so I could fix it.

  1. ksbeth

    oh boy, the child of this t-shirt designer, as well as the child of whoever buys it to put on them, will need some help with their homework in their future. )