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An Amber Alert was just issued today for my local area.  People were sharing it on Facebook and I was reading the comments to glean more information about the suspect so I could keep my eyes open.  That’s when I read a comment about Child Safety Kits.  I had never heard of such things, but the name sounded like a good idea.  Enter Google.

Child Safety Kits are just that.  You put together all the identifying information about your child and keep it in one place in the event of an emergency.  If your child is missing, abducted, or involved in some misfortune (though let’s hope that never happens!) you have all the information on hand to give to authorities so they can get the information out the public as quickly as possible.

Here are some Safe Kit items I found that sound very helpful.

ChildPrint ID Card (TM)

$3.99 each

Fill out this ID card with all of your child’s identifying information and slip it into the enclosed self-sealing laminate pouch.  This would be great to put on a lanyard and have it on your child when you go to the park, amusement park, zoo, or any other crowded place where he might get separated from you.  Make one to put on your child and one to keep on yourself.  If your child is separated from you, you can show people the picture on your card and ask if they’ve seen him/her.  Also, people who may find your child can use the phone number on his/her card to find you.

Child Safe Kit (C)

Like the ID kit above, this kit helps you gather all the important information on your child to help authorities find your child in the event of an emergency.  This kit is FREE.  Includes ID information sheets, a fingerprinting kit,  safety tips, and much more.

Click to preview the contents of the Child Safe Kit and order a FREE kit!

Polly Klaas Foundation Child Safety Kit

This book teaches you how to put together your own at-home child safety kit.  It also shows you ways you can teach your child how to protect his/her self in the event of an emergency as well as teaching about stranger danger.  In emphasizes the “what if” game to teach your children how to respond in different emergency situations and offers age-appropriate “no scare” ways of teaching your child these important life saving tools.  The kit is FREE.

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