Grocery Shopping With a Baby

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I was inspired to write this post by The Leaking Boob‘s post “What the Heck Do You Do With a Baby When Grocery Shopping?”  Please, go check her out!  I replied to her post, but wanted to share what I had to say with my bloggers.  So, some of this is a rehash of my comment to her.

When my fiancé and I braves that first trip to the store, our hearts were pounding and our stomachs a little tight.  We didn’t know what to expect from the outing.  We didn’t want to be those parents with the screaming infant that everyone stares at and talks about under their breath.  So, we decided to take our chances and go to Walmart (because who really cares about ticking off the weirdos at a rural Walmart?).  We set a 10 minute limit to test our son’s endurance.  Whatever we didn’t get in 10 minutes would have to wait for another time, we had decided.

Like The Leaking Boob, we didn’t do any research on how to install the car seat carrier on the top part of the shopping cart.  We just wung it (is that the past tense of “wing it”?) and decided we’d figure it out when we got there. Turns out, we couldn’t figure it out and were too embarrassed to ask. So, we put the car seat carrier in the large basket part.  And to our surprise, our son fell right to sleep from the bouncing and soothing vibration of the cart.  Even to this day (at 7 months old), he has only thrown one very minor fit lasting no more than a minute.

The second time we went to the store, we figured out how to put the carrier in the top seat part. The Leaking Boob expressed concern about the safety of putting a car seat Carrier in the top of the cart (where children sit) because there are warnings everywhere saying not to.  We’ve honestly had no problems with tipping or anything. The carrier fits VERY snugly. Also, we have a Graco brand one that has a snappy clip thing built-in that snaps to the back rest of the metal seat for extra security. Check the bottom of yours. It might have the same snap. Now, for liability sake, I’m not endorsing putting your car seat carrier in the top of the cart.  I’m just saying I’ve had no problem with it, every one does it, it’s the most convenient way to go about shopping, and no one I’ve ever known has had a problem with it.  I really wouldn’t worry about it. Just don’t walk away from the cart and always pull the cart up to the items you are looking at so you are right there, just in case.

Also, something to think about is your baby is going to get too big for the body sling/carrier ( what many people recommend you use as an alternative to the car seat carrier when shopping with baby) before she is able to sit up in the metal seat. My son got too big for his body carrier around 5 months. He didn’t learn to sit up on his own until 6 months. And he’s still too small to sit up safely in the shopping cart.  In fact, it’d be more dangerous to put him in the metal seat than his car seat because he could slouch down and bang the back of his head or fall to the side and hit his head because there’s just too much room in the seat.  And The Leaking Boob is right; the advice many websites give to shop online or leave the baby at home is incredibly impractical!

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