AAP Car Seat Safety Guidelines for 2014

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has come out with their 2014 guidelines for using car seats from infants to school-aged children.  Be a proactive parent and check it out!

Car Seats: Information for Families for 2014 (From AAP)

Also check the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration’s site on car seat safety.

Aside from making sure the car seat is properly installed and the child is properly buckled in, checking the safety of the actual car seat itself is a huge must!

  • Never ever purchase a car seat that is expired!  DO NOT believe anyone who tells you a car seat is good for so many years after the expiration date molded into the seat.  That person is gravely misinformed.
  • Check for recalls before purchasing any car seat.
  • If parts are missing, don’t use it!  This isn’t one of those instances where you want to bring out your best MacGyver.  Your child’s life is literally at risk if you do.
  • Do not use car seats that have been involved in a crash.  The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has more detailed guidelines on this.

These are all basic guidelines.  Of course, check the AAP and NHTSA websites for more up-to-date information.

Car Seat Safety Guidelines from NHTSA

Check out this printable car seat safety guide from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration!

The AAP also has an awesome car seat app!  You can plug in your child’s height, weight, and other information and it will help you find the right car seat for your child as well as give you information on how to properly use it and when to toss it out!

Car Seat Check By American Academy of Pediatrics

Consider recycling your old, expired car seats!  Find out how here.


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  1. Jeff Bockey

    Can you share with me any studies or data that shows that the plastic in car seats brakes down over time. I can’t seam to find any hard data that shows this. It just seams to be peoples opinions.
    It is hard for me to argue against those who say the plastics made for car seats don’t brake down enough to loose strength when I can’t find any studies that show evidence for this.