Product Review: Best and Worst Baby Face (and hand) Wipes

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Let’s start with face wipes you shouldn’t buy…


Johnson’s Baby Hand and Face Wipes
$3 for 25 count at Walmart

Not only do these wipes have a weird yeasty scent that makes baby’s skin smell like moldy spit up after a while, they easily tear (like a wet paper towel) and are barely moist meaning you have to scrub baby’s delicate face just to get a little dried milk off. Skip these entirely!


Wet Ones Fresh Scent Antibacterial Hand & Face Wipes
$1 for 15 counts at Walmart

These are the most moist of the hand and face wipes I’ve used.  They boast they are hypoallergenic, but beware the strong fumes from the scented versions.  The fresh scent ones above actually made my eyes water the fumes were so strong.  Try a non scented variety on yourself before using it on your child.  These wipes can also tend to be very soggy.


Little Busy Bodies Fresh Scent Boogie Wipes
$4 at Walmart

The package may make these wipes look like they’ll be icky, but don’t be fooled!  The Fresh Scent version actually smells very pleasant and flowery.  They are just moist enough to clean dried spit-up without being too soggy (like Wet Ones can sometimes be).  There are no harsh fumes.  In fact, they are made from a saline (i.e. salt and water) solution so they are fairly safe for use on baby’s face.  Another plus?  They are super cost effective!  What you pay for a 25 count of the thin Johnson’s Wipes (see above) you pay for a 30 pack of these nice thick wipes!