Diaper Bag Themed Gift Basket for Baby Showers

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Here are some items you can throw together to create a “Diaper Bag” Themed Gift Basket!!  

The Container:

You can go with one of these containers or a traditional gift bag, but why not put everything in an actual diaper bag?  Here are some awesome (and surprisingly cheap!) options: Diaper Bags for $25 or LESS!

What to Include:

Portable Diaper Changer OR Changing Pad

Some diaper bags come with a matching changing pad.  If the one you bought doesn’t, consider buying one of these:

Summer Infant Quickchange Portable Changing Pad

Baggies to Tie Up Dirty Diapers

Some changing pads have one of these built-in, like the SafeFit one above.  But if yours doesn’t, one of these bag dispensers is essential.  While on-the-go, toss all those dirty diapers in a little plastic bag so you can dispose of them when you get home.  Dollar Tree sales a 75 count box for $1, or you can get this handy-dandy clip-on:

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser

Size 1 Diapers

I’ve tried just about every diaper out there, and hands-down Pampers Swaddlers are THE BEST for babies under one yeat old.  They leak less than any other diaper (even other styles of Pampers diapers) and they have a wetness indicator that turns blue when baby urinates. That’s super duper handy!  SKIP the newborn size because many babies don’t fit them and everybody at the shower will be getting this size.  Get size 1 instead!

Travel Wipe Case  

It’s a waste of money (not to mention bad for the environment) to purchase those prepackaged travel wipes.  Get a reusable travel wipe case for mom.

OXO Tot On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser

Diaper Strap

Sometimes, especially when baby gets older and doesn’t need an entire diaper bag to trail along wherever she goes, it’s easier to just bring some diapers and the travel case of wipes.  I found this awesome Etsy shop, Your Little Bean, who sells diaper straps.  Stick a stack of diapers on top of the travel case and velcro this strap around it for easy portability.

Diaper Strap from Your Little Bean Etsy shop

Diaper Rash Cream and Travel Size Baby Powder 

Face and Hand Wipes

Check out my reviews for the best and worst face and hand wipes.  You can get travel size packs of various brands (including Wet Ones) for $1 in the travel/trial product section of drugstores or Walmart!

Hand Sanitizer

Even though face and hand wipes will suffice, you can pick up a little bottle of Purell in the check out lane for less than $1.

Burp Cloth and Bib

Spit-ups and messes happen, even on-the-go.  Mom might not think to throw these in the diaper bag, but you did it for her!

Babies R Us Terry Burp Cloth (other colors available)
$6 three pack

Extra Outfit (including socks!)

Again, messes happen on-the-go.  If you never had children, you’ll be shocked by how many times you have to change a newborn each day.  They may not move very well yet, but they are mess makers!

$1 for one at Dollar Tree

Travel Size First Aid Kit

Make sure it contains small band-aids for little bodies and baby-safe antibacterial cream.

Johnson and Johnson First Aid To Go

Optional Items to Include (If You Want to Splurge):

Pacifier (Avent Orthodontic BPA-Free Translucent Pacifiers 2 Pack)

Rattle Toy or Lovie of some kind

WubbaNub Giraffe
$13 at Amazon

An extra shirt for Mom in case she is thrown-up on while on-the-go (get a white one for $5 at Walmart)

Swaddling/Receiving Blanket (Carter’s Receiving Blankets 4 Pack)

Travel Size Bath Supplies (Johnson’s Bathtime Essentials Baby Set)

Baby Wash Cloth (Dollar Tree sells an awesome 4 pack for $1)


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