The Morning After Pill Legislation: Another Reason Abortion Should Be Illegal

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During the noon news, I learned this glorious news:

(CNN) — A federal judge in Brooklyn, New York, has ordered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make the morning-after birth control pill available to people of any age without a prescription.

I’m 100% against abortion.  Some arguments I’ve heard in favor of abortion are, “What if a woman is raped?”  My response has always been that she should go immediately to the police or a hospital and report it, get checked out, and get the morning after pill.

Some people whined to me and said, “What if she’s too scared or ashamed to come forward?”  My response has always been, “Too bad.”  That might sound callous, but…

  1. She knows a crime happened and it’s her civic obligation to report it.
  2. She should care about herself enough to make sure she wasn’t exposed to an STD.
  3. It wasn’t her fault and she should know it and not be embarrassed.  We need to educate women on this point so they come forward more often.

Also, some women claim the hospital will force a rape victim to take a morning after pill against her will.  So, these rape victims would rather kill an unborn baby after it has developed for several weeks rather than prevent a pregnancy in the first place?  That just doesn’t make sense.  The morning after pill isn’t an abortion pill.  If you are already pregnant, it will not kill the baby.  That’s just the way the pill works.  So there is no reason a woman (or rape victim) should be afraid to take it, even if her moral or religious conviction is against abortion.

It’s my hope that this new legislation will prevent abortions in the future by preventing pregnancies before they happen.  I can only hope.

Where do you stand on the morning after pill or the abortion debate?  Comment below.