Product Review: Baby Wash Cloths

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A lot of people complain about it, but most baby wash cloths are one-ply flimsy little pieces of fabric that roll up on the ends.  It doesn’t matter how much you pay for them, they are all about the same.  You could buy these expensive cloths by Circo…

Circo® Newborn Boys’ 6 Pack Assorted Washcloth Set (comes in other colors)
$5 at Target

… but they are the exact same quality as these $1 wash cloths from Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Baby Wash Cloths
$1 for 4

Both of these wash cloths are small, seem kind of flimsy, and roll on the corners.  But they both are soft and get the job done.  Just one costs more than the other.

Some people like the wash cloths with the borders because they somehow think they are less flimsy and do a better job cleaning (they honestly don’t since all the cloths get the job done).  They like to get expensive cloths like these:

Just One You by Carter’s Baby Yellow Duckie Washcloths 6-pk.
$7 at Target

However, the problem with these cloths is the inside shrinks when washed and dried, causing the edge to crinkle up so they don’t fold flat either.

So, what do you recommend?

Just buy the Dollar Tree ones. If you want a really good sturdy wash cloth, you’ll have to just buy the kind you use for yourself because when it comes to baby cloths, they are pretty much all created equal, small, and flimsy.